A modular open source glacier model in Python#

OGGM is an open source modelling framework able to simulate past and future mass balance, volume and geometry of (almost) any glacier in the world, in a fully automated and extensible workflow.

The model can account for glacier geometry (including contributory branches) and ships with several glacier evolution models, including an explicit ice dynamics module. We rely exclusively on publicly available data for calibration and validation. OGGM is modular and supports novel modelling workflows: it LOVES to be remixed and reused!

This webpage is for the software documentation: for general information about the OGGM project and related news, visit oggm.org.


This is the model documentation for users and developers of the latest (cutting-edge) repository version. For the documentation of the latest stable release, visit docs.oggm.org/en/stable.

IARPC presentation (April 2020)#

If you are new to OGGM would like a short introduction, here is a recent 15’ presentation about the project:

Slides available here


Core principles and structure of the OGGM modelling framework.

Using OGGM#

How to use the model, with concrete code examples and links to the tutorials.


Do you want to contribute to the model? You are more than welcome to do so and this is the right place to start.

Get in touch#

License and citation#

OGGM is available under the open source 3-Clause BSD License.

OGGM is a free software. This implies that you are free to use the model and copy, modify or redistribute its code at your wish, under certain conditions:

  1. When using this software, please acknowledge the original authors of this contribution by using our logo, referring to our website or using an appropriate citation. See Citing OGGM for how to do that.

  2. Redistributions of any substantial portion of the OGGM source code must meet the conditions listed in the OGGM license

  3. Neither OGGM e.V. nor the names of OGGM contributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific prior written permission. This does not mean that you need our written permission to work with OGGM or publish results based on OGGM: it simply means that the OGGM developers are not accountable for what you do with the tool (more info).

See the OGGM license for more information.


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BSD-3-Clause License

See the version history for a list of all contributors.