oggm.global_tasks.compile_climate_statistics(gdirs, filesuffix='', path=True, add_climate_period=1995, halfsize=15, add_raw_climate_statistics=False, input_filesuffix='')[source]#

Gather as much statistics as possible about a list of glaciers.

It can be used to do result diagnostics and other stuffs. If the data necessary for a statistic is not available (e.g.: flowlines length) it will simply be ignored.

gdirs: the list of GlacierDir to process.

add suffix to output file

pathstr, bool

Set to “True” in order to store the info in the working directory Set to a path to store the file to your chosen location

add_climate_periodint or list of ints

compile climate statistics for the 30 yrs period around the selected date.


filesuffix of the used climate_historical file, default is no filesuffix