oggm.global_tasks.compile_fixed_geometry_mass_balance(gdirs, filesuffix='', path=True, csv=False, use_inversion_flowlines=True, ys=None, ye=None, years=None)[source]

Compiles a table of specific mass-balance timeseries for all glaciers.

The file is stored in a hdf file (not csv) per default. Use pd.read_hdf to open it.

gdirslist of oggm.GlacierDirectory objects

the glacier directories to process


add suffix to output file

pathstr, bool

Set to “True” in order to store the info in the working directory Set to a path to store the file to your chosen location (file extension matters)

csv: bool

Set to store the data in csv instead of hdf.


whether to use the inversion flowlines or the model flowlines


start year of the model run (default: from the climate file) date)


end year of the model run (default: from the climate file)

yearsarray of ints

override ys and ye with the years of your choice