Mass redistribution curve model#

Since v1.5.3, OGGM comes with a parameterized version of the standard ice dynamics model. Instead of solving for the shallow-ice approximation along the flowline, the core.flowline.MassRedistributionCurveModel uses empirically derived mass-redistribution curves as described in Huss & Hock (2015) or Rounce et al. (2020).

Each year, the total glacier mass balance is redistributed along the glacier so that the surface elevation change is zero at the glacier top and maximal at the glacier terminus.

This simple model works remarkably well for retreating glacier situations over short periods of time. However, the parameterization cannot realistically reproduce the terminus behavior of glaciers that are in equilibrium or advancing.

The MassRedistributionCurveModel class is available for sensitivity analyses and testing, but we still recommend to use the standard flowline model in most cases.