oggm.tasks.fixed_dx_elevation_band_flowline(gdir, bin_variables=None, preserve_totals=True)[source]#

Converts the “collapsed” flowline into a regular “inversion flowline”.

You need to run tasks.elevation_band_flowline first. It then interpolates onto a regular grid with the same dx as the one that OGGM would choose (cfg.PARAMS[‘flowline_dx’] * map_dx).


where to write the data

bin_variablesstr or list of str

variables to add to the interpolated flowline (will be stored in a new csv file: gdir.get_filepath(‘elevation_band_flowline’, filesuffix=’_fixed_dx’).

preserve_totalsbool or list of bool

whether or not to preserve the variables totals (e.g. volume)


Files written to the glacier directory:

A “better” version of the centerlines, now on a regular spacing i.e., not on the gridded (i, j) indices. The tails of the tributaries are cut out to make more realistic junctions. They are now “1.5D” i.e., with a width.