oggm.shop.rgitopo.init_glacier_directories_from_rgitopo(rgidf=None, dem_source=None, resolution='default', keep_dem_folders=False, reset=False, force=True)[source]

Initialize a glacier directory from an RGI-TOPO DEM.

Wrapper around workflow.init_glacier_directories(), which selects a default source for you (if not set manually with dem_source).

The default source is NASADEM for all latitudes between 60N and 56S, and COPDEM elsewhere.

rgidfGeoDataFrame or list of ids, optional for pre-computed runs

the RGI glacier outlines. If unavailable, OGGM will parse the information from the glacier directories found in the working directory. It is required for new runs.


delete the existing glacier directories if found.


setting reset=True will trigger a yes/no question to the user. Set force=True to avoid this.


the source to pick from (default: NASADEM and COPDEM)


the default is to delete the other DEM directories to save space. Set this to True to prevent that (e.g. for sensitivity tests)

gdirslist of oggm.GlacierDirectory objects

the initialised glacier directories


This task is very similar to init_glacier_regions, with one main difference: it does not process the DEMs for this glacier. Eventually, init_glacier_regions will be deprecated and removed from the codebase.