Dynamic spinup#

OGGM offers an option for reconstructing the recent past of a glacier by using a dynamic spinup. For this dynamic spinup, you can choose if you want to match area OR volume at the RGI-date.

Further, this dynamic spinup can be combined with a dynamic calibration of the temperature sensitivity \(d_f\). This calibration also tries to calibrate \(d_f\) to match geodetic MB data as described in Monthly temperature index model calibrated on geodetic MB data, but further takes a dynamically changing glacier geometry into account.

Both functions, the dynamic spinup and the dynamic \(d_f\) calibration, are combined in one consistent model calibration and initialisation workflow. This workflow also includes the glacier bed inversion for consistency. See the following schematic for a description of how everything is connected by default.


Default dynamic calibration workflow (adapted from Aguayo et al. 2023, in prep.)#

We offer pre-processed directories including a dynamic spinup run. You can check out this 10 minute tutorial for a short introduction to the spinup functions and how to use the pre-processed directories.

If you are looking for an in-depth explanation of the dynamic functions you should check out this advanced tutorial.