oggm.global_tasks.merge_glacier_tasks(gdirs, main_rgi_id=None, return_all=False, buffer=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Shortcut function: run all tasks to merge tributaries to a main glacier

gdirslist of oggm.GlacierDirectory

all glaciers, main and tributary. Preprocessed and initialised

main_rgi_id: str

RGI ID of the main glacier of interest. If None is provided merging will start based upon the largest glacier


if main_rgi_id is given and return_all = False: only the main glacier is returned if main_rgi_is given and return_all = True, the main glacier and every remaining glacier from the initial gdirs list is returned, possible merged as well.


buffer around a flowline to first better find an overlap with another flowline. And second assure some distance between the lines at a junction. Will default to cfg.PARAMS[‘kbuffer’].

kwargs: keyword argument for the recursive merging
merged_gdirs: list of all merged oggm.GlacierDirectory