Other datasets#

This page lists some datasets that are either generated or used by OGGM and that can be useful to others.

Shapefiles of glacier centerlines, flowlines and widths#

These variables are a standard output of OGGM, and can be useful to many. You will find the files here: https://cluster.klima.uni-bremen.de/~oggm/gdirs/oggm_v1.6/L1-L2_files/centerlines/RGI62/b_010/L2/summary

The following files are available:

  • centerlines: the geometrical centerlines

  • centerlines_smoothed: the geometrical centerlines smoothed to look nicer and guaranteed to match the glacier outlines (not used in the model but useful outside of it)

  • flowlines: the centerlines converted to “flowlines”, i.e. interpolated to a regular grid and where upslope trajectories are cropped

  • geom_widths: the geometrical intersection of the flowlines’ normals with the glacier outlines

  • widths: the geometrical widths corrected to reflect the glacier’s elevation-area distribution

If you use these data, please cite Maussion et al., 2019.


Shapefile of OGGM’s flowlines and widths for a subset of RGI region 15#

Useful data tables#

These data are tabular summary from available global datasets:

HDF files can be read with pandas’ read_hdf function.