Transitioning from OGGM 1.5 to 1.6#

OGGM version 1.6 and above have considerably improved how the calibration is done in OGGM. At the same time, we changed a few other aspects of the mass-balance model. Here is an incomplete list of all the changes:

  • the \(\mu^*\) parameter (mu_star in code) has been renamed to melt_f

  • its unit is now kg w.e. d:math:^{-1} day:math:^{-1} (instead on per month), regardless if the model is monthly or not (the conversion is done internally)

  • we implemented a new, flexible calibration strategy. We apply it as explained in the tutorials, but allow for many more options for calibration

  • we simplified the internal code a lot. Now all mass balance code can be found in the mass balance module (previously, mass balance calibration and application were separate).

  • … and much more.

As a result, code that was written with OGGM v1.5 probably wont work in 1.6 if you have some mass balance related code. Furthermore, the results will probably change quite a lot (depending on your use case).

We recommend all users to transition to OGGM 1.6 when they are ready to. It’s totally fine to continue using OGGM 1.5.3 as long as you need to. For transitioning, we recommend to have a look at our brand new tutorials.