oggm.global_tasks.compile_glacier_statistics(gdirs, filesuffix='', path=True, inversion_only=False, apply_func=None)[source]#

Gather as much statistics as possible about a list of glaciers.

It can be used to do result diagnostics and other stuffs. If the data necessary for a statistic is not available (e.g.: flowlines length) it will simply be ignored.

gdirslist of oggm.GlacierDirectory objects

the glacier directories to process


add suffix to output file

pathstr, bool

Set to “True” in order to store the info in the working directory Set to a path to store the file to your chosen location


if one wants to summarize the inversion output only (including calving)


if one wants to summarize further information about a glacier, set this kwarg to a function that accepts a glacier directory as first positional argument, and the directory to fill in with data as second argument. The directory should only store scalar values (strings, float, int). !Careful! For multiprocessing, the function cannot be located at the top level, i.e. you may need to import it from a module for this to work, or from a dummy class (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8804830)