oggm.tasks.elevation_band_flowline(gdir, bin_variables=None, preserve_totals=True)[source]#

Compute “squeezed” or “collapsed” glacier flowlines from Huss 2012.

This writes out a table of along glacier bins, strictly following the method described in Werder, M. A., Huss, M., Paul, F., Dehecq, A. and Farinotti, D.: A Bayesian ice thickness estimation model for large-scale applications, J. Glaciol., 1–16, doi:10.1017/jog.2019.93, 2019.

The only parameter is cfg.PARAMS[‘elevation_band_flowline_binsize’], which is 30m in Werder et al and 10m in Huss&Farinotti2012.

Currently the bands are assumed to have a rectangular bed.

Before calling this task you should run tasks.define_glacier_region and gis.simple_glacier_masks. The logical following task is fixed_dx_elevation_band_flowline to convert this to an OGGM flowline.


where to write the data

bin_variablesstr or list of str

variables to add to the binned flowline

preserve_totalsbool or list of bool

whether or not to preserve the variables totals (e.g. volume)


Files written to the glacier directory:

A table containing the Huss&Farinotti 2012 squeezed flowlines.