oggm.utils.cook_rgidf(gi_gdf, o1_region, o2_region='01', version='60', ids=None, bgndate='20009999', id_suffix='', assign_column_values=None)[source]#

Convert a glacier inventory into a dataset looking like the RGI (OGGM ready).


the GeoDataFrame of the user’s glacier inventory.


Glacier RGI region code, which is important for some OGGM applications. For example, oggm.shop.its_live() need it to locate the right dataset. Needs to be assigned.

o2_regionstr or list of str

Glacier RGI subregion code (default: 01)

bgndatestr or list of str

The date of the outlines. This is quite important for the glacier evolution runs, which start at the RGI date. Format: 'YYYYMMDD', (MMDD is not used).


Glacier inventory version code, which is necessary to generate the RGIId. The default is ‘60’.

idslist of IDs as integers. The default is None, which generates the

RGI ids automatically following the glacier order.

id_suffixstr or None

Add a suffix to the glacier ids. The default is None, no suffix

assign_column_valuesdict or None

Assign predefined values from the original data to the RGI dataframe. Dict format : - key: name of the column in the original dataframe - value: name of the column in the RGI-like file to assign the values to


glacier inventory into a dataset looking like the RGI (OGGM ready)