oggm.global_tasks.calibrate_inversion_from_consensus(gdirs, ignore_missing=True, fs=0, a_bounds=(0.1, 10), apply_fs_on_mismatch=False, error_on_mismatch=True, filter_inversion_output=True)[source]

Fit the total volume of the glaciers to the 2019 consensus estimate.

This method finds the “best Glen A” to match all glaciers in gdirs with a valid inverted volume.

gdirs : list of oggm.GlacierDirectory objects

the glacier directories to process

ignore_missing : bool

set this to true to silence the error if some glaciers could not be found in the consensus estimate.

fs : float

invert with sliding (default: no)

a_bounds: tuple

factor to apply to default A

apply_fs_on_mismatch: false

on mismatch, try to apply an arbitrary value of fs (fs = 5.7e-20 from Oerlemans) and try to optimize A again.

error_on_mismatch: bool

sometimes the given bounds do not allow to find a zero mismatch: this will normally raise an error, but you can switch this off, use the closest value instead and move on.

filter_inversion_output : bool

whether or not to apply terminus thickness filtering on the inversion output (needs the downstream lines to work).

a dataframe with the individual glacier volumes