Makes a gridded mask of the glacier outlines that can be used by OGGM.

For a more robust solution (not OGGM compatible) see simple_glacier_masks.


where to write the data


Files written to the glacier directory:

A dictionary containing the shapely.Polygons of a glacier. The “polygon_hr” entry contains the geometry transformed to the local grid in (i, j) coordinates, while the “polygon_pix” entry contains the geometries transformed into the coarse grid (the i, j elements are integers). The “polygon_area” entry contains the area of the polygon as computed by Shapely. The “catchment_indices” entrycontains a list of len n_centerlines, each element containing a numpy array of the indices in the glacier grid which represent the centerlines catchment area.


A netcdf file containing several gridded data variables such as topography, the glacier masks, the interpolated 2D glacier bed, and more. This is for static, non time-dependant data.