MassBalanceModel.get_annual_mb(heights, year=None, fl_id=None, fls=None)[source]#

Like self.get_monthly_mb(), but for annual MB.

For some simpler mass balance models get_monthly_mb()` and `get_annual_mb() can be equivalent.

Units: [m s-1], or meters of ice per second

Note: year is optional because some simpler models have no time component.

heights: ndarray

the altitudes at which the mass balance will be computed

year: float, optional

the time (in the “floating year” convention)

fl_id: float, optional

the index of the flowline in the fls array (might be ignored by some MB models)

fls: list of flowline instances, optional

the flowlines array, in case the MB model implementation needs to know details about the glacier geometry at the moment the MB model is called

the mass balance (same dim as heights) (units: [m s-1])