oggm.shop.rgitopo.init_glacier_directories_from_rgitopo(rgidf=None, dem_source=None, resolution='default', keep_dem_folders=False, reset=False, force=True)[source]

Initialize a glacier directory from an RGI-TOPO DEM.

Wrapper around workflow.init_glacier_directories(), which selects a default source for you (if not set manually with dem_source).

The default source is NASADEM for all latitudes between 60N and 56S, and COPDEM elsewhere.

rgidf : GeoDataFrame or list of ids, optional for pre-computed runs

the RGI glacier outlines. If unavailable, OGGM will parse the information from the glacier directories found in the working directory. It is required for new runs.

reset : bool

delete the existing glacier directories if found.

force : bool

setting reset=True will trigger a yes/no question to the user. Set force=True to avoid this.

dem_source : str

the source to pick from (default: NASADEM and COPDEM)

keep_dem_folders : bool

the default is to delete the other DEM directories to save space. Set this to True to prevent that (e.g. for sensitivity tests)

gdirs : list of oggm.GlacierDirectory objects

the initialised glacier directories


This task is very similar to init_glacier_regions, with one main difference: it does not process the DEMs for this glacier. Eventually, init_glacier_regions will be deprecated and removed from the codebase.