oggm.global_tasks.write_centerlines_to_shape(gdirs, *, path=True, to_tar=False, filesuffix='', flowlines_output=False, geometrical_widths_output=False, corrected_widths_output=False)[source]

Write the centerlines in a shapefile.

gdirs: the list of GlacierDir to process.

Set to “True” in order to store the info in the working directory Set to a path to store the file to your chosen location

to_tar : bool

put the files in a .tar file. If cfg.PARAMS[‘use_compression’], also compress to .gz

filesuffix : str

add suffix to output file

flowlines_output : bool

output the flowlines instead of the centerlines

geometrical_widths_output : bool

output the geometrical widths instead of the centerlines

corrected_widths_output : bool

output the corrected widths instead of the centerlines