oggm.tasks.distribute_thickness_interp(gdir, add_slope=True, smooth_radius=None, varname_suffix='')[source]

Compute a thickness map by interpolating between centerlines and border.

IMPORTANT: this is NOT what has been used for ITMIX. We used distribute_thickness_per_altitude for ITMIX and global ITMIX.

This is a rather cosmetic task, not relevant for OGGM but for ITMIX.

gdir : oggm.GlacierDirectory

the glacier directory to process

add_slope : bool

whether a corrective slope factor should be used or not

smooth_radius : int

pixel size of the gaussian smoothing. Default is to use cfg.PARAMS[‘smooth_window’] (i.e. a size in meters). Set to zero to suppress smoothing.

varname_suffix : str

add a suffix to the variable written in the file (for experiments)


Files writen to the glacier directory:
A netcdf file containing several gridded data variables such as topography, the glacier masks, the interpolated 2D glacier bed, and more.