oggm.tasks.fixed_geometry_mass_balance(gdir, ys=None, ye=None, years=None, monthly_step=False, use_inversion_flowlines=True, climate_filename='climate_historical', climate_input_filesuffix='')[source]

Computes the mass-balance with climate input from e.g. CRU or a GCM.

gdir : oggm.GlacierDirectory

the glacier directory to process

ys : int

start year of the model run (default: from the climate file) date)

ye : int

end year of the model run (default: from the climate file)

years : array of ints

override ys and ye with the years of your choice

monthly_step : bool

whether to store the diagnostic data at a monthly time step or not (default is yearly)

use_inversion_flowlines : bool

whether to use the inversion flowlines or the model flowlines

climate_filename : str

name of the climate file, e.g. ‘climate_historical’ (default) or ‘gcm_data’

climate_input_filesuffix: str

filesuffix for the input climate file


Files writen to the glacier directory: