oggm.tasks.mass_conservation_inversion(gdir, glen_a=None, fs=None, write=True, filesuffix='', water_level=None, t_lambda=None)[source]

Compute the glacier thickness along the flowlines

More or less following Farinotti et al., (2009).

gdir : oggm.GlacierDirectory

the glacier directory to process

glen_a : float

glen’s creep parameter A. Defaults to cfg.PARAMS.

fs : float

sliding parameter. Defaults to cfg.PARAMS.

write: bool

default behavior is to compute the thickness and write the results in the pickle. Set to False in order to spare time during calibration.

filesuffix : str

add a suffix to the output file

water_level : float

to compute volume below water level - adds an entry to the output dict

t_lambda : float

defining the angle of the trapezoid walls (see documentation). Defaults to cfg.PARAMS.


Files writen to the glacier directory:
List of dicts containing the output data from the inversion.