oggm.tasks.apparent_mb_from_any_mb(gdir, mb_model=None, mb_years=None)[source]

Compute apparent mb from an arbitrary mass-balance profile.

This searches for a mass-balance residual to add to the mass-balance profile so that the average specific MB is zero.

gdir : oggm.GlacierDirectory

the glacier directory to process

mb_model : oggm.core.massbalance.MassBalanceModel

the mass-balance model to use

mb_years : array

the array of years from which you want to average the MB for (for mb_model only).


Files writen to the glacier directory:
A “better” version of the Centerlines, now on a regular spacing i.e., not on the gridded (i, j) indices. The tails of the tributaries are cut out to make more realistic junctions. They are now “1.5D” i.e., with a width.