oggm.tasks.apparent_mb_from_any_mb(gdir, mb_model=None, mb_model_class=<class 'oggm.core.massbalance.MonthlyTIModel'>, mb_years=None)[source]#

Compute apparent mb from an arbitrary mass balance profile.

This searches for a mass balance residual to add to the mass balance profile so that the average specific MB is zero.


the glacier directory to process


the mass balance model to use - if None, will use the one given by mb_model_class

mb_model_classMassBalanceModel class

the MassBalanceModel class to use, default is MonthlyTIModel

mb_yearsarray, or tuple of length 2 (range)

the array of years from which you want to average the MB for (for mb_model only). If an array of length 2 is given, all years between this range (excluding the last one) are used. Default is to pick all years from the reference geodetic MB period, i.e. PARAMS[‘geodetic_mb_period’]. It does not matter much for the final result, but it should be a period long enough to have a representative MB gradient.


Files written to the glacier directory:

A “better” version of the centerlines, now on a regular spacing i.e., not on the gridded (i, j) indices. The tails of the tributaries are cut out to make more realistic junctions. They are now “1.5D” i.e., with a width.