Assets and downloads#

This page lists some datasets that are either generated or used by OGGM and that can be useful to others.

Shapefiles of glacier centerlines, flowlines and widths#

These variables are a standard output of OGGM, and can be useful to many. You will find the files here:

The following files are available:

  • centerlines: the geometrical centerlines

  • centerlines_smoothed: the geometrical centerlines smoothed to look nicer and guaranteed to match the glacier outlines (not used in the model but useful outside of it)

  • flowlines: the centerlines converted to “flowlines”, i.e. interpolated to a regular grid and where upslope trajectories are cropped

  • geom_widths: the geometrical intersection of the flowlines’ normals with the glacier outlines

  • widths: the geometrical widths corrected to reflect the glacier’s elevation-area distribution

If you use these data, please cite Maussion et al., 2019.


Shapefile of OGGM’s flowlines and widths for a subset of RGI region 15#


The RGI-TOPO dataset provides a local topography map for each single glacier in the RGI (currently version 6). It was generated with OGGM, and can be used very easily from the OGGM Shop (visit our tutorials if you want to learn how to use them!).


Example of the various RGI-TOPO products at Malaspina glacier#

Useful data tables#

These data are tabular summary from available global datasets:

HDF files can be read with pandas’ read_hdf function.