oggm.tasks.process_cesm_data(gdir, filesuffix='', fpath_temp=None, fpath_precc=None, fpath_precl=None, **kwargs)[source]

Processes and writes CESM climate data for this glacier.

This function is made for interpolating the Community Earth System Model Last Millennium Ensemble (CESM-LME) climate simulations, from Otto-Bliesner et al. (2016), to the high-resolution CL2 climatologies (provided with OGGM) and writes everything to a NetCDF file.

gdir : oggm.GlacierDirectory

where to write the data

filesuffix : str

append a suffix to the filename (useful for ensemble experiments).

fpath_temp : str

path to the temp file (default: cfg.PATHS[‘cesm_temp_file’])

fpath_precc : str

path to the precc file (default: cfg.PATHS[‘cesm_precc_file’])

fpath_precl : str

path to the precl file (default: cfg.PATHS[‘cesm_precl_file’])

**kwargs: any kwarg to be passed to ref:`process_gcm_data`


Files writen to the glacier directory:
The monthly GCM climate timeseries stored in a netCDF file.