oggm.tasks.compute_centerlines(gdir, heads=None)[source]

Compute the centerlines following Kienholz et al., (2014).

They are then sorted according to the modified Strahler number: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strahler_number

This function does not initialize a oggm.Centerline but calculates routes along the topography and makes a shapely.Linestring object from them.

gdir : oggm.GlacierDirectory

where to write the data

heads : list, optional

list of shapely.geometry.Points to use as line heads (default is to compute them like Kienholz did)


Files writen to the glacier directory:
A list of oggm.Centerline instances, sorted by flow order.
A netcdf file containing several gridded data variables such as topography, the glacier masks, the interpolated 2D glacier bed, and more.