Makes a gridded mask of the glacier outlines and topography.

This function fills holes in the source DEM and produces smoothed gridded topography and glacier outline arrays. These are the ones which will later be used to determine bed and surface height.

gdir : oggm.GlacierDirectory

where to write the data


Files writen to the glacier directory:
A dictionary containing the shapely.Polygons of a glacier. The “polygon_hr” entry contains the geometry transformed to the local grid in (i, j) coordinates, while the “polygon_pix” entry contains the geometries transformed into the coarse grid (the i, j elements are integers). The “polygon_area” entry contains the area of the polygon as computed by Shapely. The “catchment_indices” entrycontains a list of len n_centerlines, each element containing a numpy array of the indices in the glacier grid which represent the centerlines catchment area.
A netcdf file containing several gridded data variables such as topography, the glacier masks, the interpolated 2D glacier bed, and more.