oggm.global_tasks.match_regional_geodetic_mb(gdirs, rgi_reg=None, dataset='hugonnet', period='2000-01-01_2020-01-01')[source]

Regional shift of the mass-balance residual to match observations.

This is useful for operational runs, but also quite hacky. Let’s hope we won’t need this for too long.

gdirs : the list of gdirs (ideally the entire region)
rgi_reg : str

the rgi region to match

dataset : str

‘hugonnet’, or ‘zemp’

period : str

for ‘hugonnet’ only. One of ‘2000-01-01_2010-01-01’, ‘2010-01-01_2020-01-01’, ‘2006-01-01_2019-01-01’, ‘2000-01-01_2020-01-01’. For ‘zemp’, the period is always 2006-2016.