oggm.tasks.mu_star_calibration(gdir, min_mu_star=None, max_mu_star=None)[source]#

Compute the flowlines’ mu* and the associated apparent mass balance.

If low lying tributaries have a non-physically consistent Mass balance this function will either filter them out or calibrate each flowline with a specific mu*. The latter is default and recommended.


the glacier directory to process

min_mu_star: bool, optional

defaults to cfg.PARAMS[‘min_mu_star’]

max_mu_star: bool, optional

defaults to cfg.PARAMS[‘max_mu_star’]


Files written to the glacier directory:

A “better” version of the Centerlines, now on a regular spacing i.e., not on the gridded (i, j) indices. The tails of the tributaries are cut out to make more realistic junctions. They are now “1.5D” i.e., with a width.