oggm.tasks.find_inversion_calving(gdir, water_level=None, fixed_water_depth=None, glen_a=None, fs=None, min_mu_star_frac=None)[source]#

Optimized search for a calving flux compatible with the bed inversion.

See Recinos et al 2019 for details.


the water level. It should be zero m a.s.l, but: - sometimes the frontal elevation is unrealistically high (or low). - lake terminating glaciers - other uncertainties With this parameter, you can produce more realistic values. The default is to infer the water level from PARAMS[‘free_board_lake_terminating’] and PARAMS[‘free_board_marine_terminating’]


fix the water depth to an observed value and let the free board vary instead.

glen_afloat, optional
fsfloat, optional
min_mu_star_fracfloat, optional

fraction of the original (non-calving) mu* you are ready to allow for. Defaults cfg.PARAMS[‘calving_min_mu_star_frac’].


Files written to the glacier directory:

A dictionary containing runtime diagnostics useful for debugging.