oggm.tasks.compute_velocities(gdir, glen_a=None, fs=None, filesuffix='', with_sliding=False)[source]#

Surface velocities along the flowlines from inverted ice thickness.

Computed following the methods described in Cuffey and Paterson (2010) Eq. 8.35, pp 310:

u_s = u_basal + (2A/n+1)* tau^n * H

In the case of no sliding (or if with_sliding=False, which is a justifiable simplification given uncertainties on basal sliding):

u_z/u_s = [n+1]/[n+2] (= 0.8 if n = 3).

The output is written in ‘inversion_output.pkl’ in m yr-1

You’ll need to call prepare_for_inversion with the add_debug_var=True kwarg for this to work!

gdirGlacier directory

default is False, if set to True we will compute using the sliding component.

glen_aGlen A, defaults to PARAMS
fssliding, defaults to PARAMS

add a suffix to the output file


Files written to the glacier directory:

List of dicts containing the output data from the inversion.